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  Can you imagine? For every PPD position in Brothersoft.com, we give you 50% off! Wait! There is more. Free Banner promotions are to assist with your PPD promotion.  
Promotion period: 17th June-30th June
 For example
  Ads Position Original Minimum Bid Discount Rate
  Homepage $0.1 $0.05
  Category Page $0.02/$0.05 $0.01/$0.025
  Search Result Page $0.05 $0.025
 Free Promotions
  Charge amount($) Homepage 480*200 banner Category Page 336x85 SNS Promotion
  $200 - $500 One day - -
  $501 - $1,000 One Day Three days -
$1,001 - $2,000 Two Days One Week Once
  $2,001 - $5,000 Three Days Two weeks Twice
  1. Your discount rate will be customized by our system. All the campaign will be started on July 1st, 2013 until your recharges are used up. We will send you a confirmation email before we start the promotion. Please check your email box after your recharge.
2. “Charge Amount” refers to all the money you deposited during the promotion period.
3. The free promotion will be arranged in July. Please contact your account manager or send us email,
ad_sa...@brothersoft.com for details.
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