Follow-up Comment #9, sr #2991 (project admin):

Vincent Belaïche,

nice from you to implement a script to do adminstrator's job, but I think it
is useless. If there is no reply for at least 6 months, that means that this
site is 'dead', and your script will stay forever unused.

I thought at the time a chose GNA! / Savannah to be the host for my project
that here would be the more adequate place for a GPL project, and that the
features were similar to the others options on the market (the principals, at
least). But now I can see the reality is far different from what I expected.
And it were a frustrated choice.

Just to give a advice, if I were you I would search for another option. And
there are plenty of. I myself have already switched, and if some administrator
read this, please delete my account and projects.


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