Some of the pages on your website may pose a threat to your visitor's computer 
security. The number of potentially harmful pages is 1.  You can view the 
details of our malware scan at 
http://yandex.com/infected?url=download.gna.org&l10n=en . To learn about how to 
find malicious code and delete it from your pages, please go to the help 
section http://help.yandex.com/webmaster/?id=1115235#1115243 of our free 
website management service Yandex.Webmaster http://webmaster.yandex.com/.

Yandex is one of the world's leading search engines and a popular web portal 
(http://company.yandex.com/general_info/yandex_today.xml). We continually check 
all websites in our search index using our own antivirus suite which integrates 
the signature and the behavioral approaches to malware detection. Read more 
about our antivirus technology at 

This is an automated message to alert you about a problem detected on your 
website. This service free and does not require registration. 

To receive additional information about your website, including the list of 
infected pages, or to request a check-up after the malicious code has been 
deleted, please register on our free website management service 
Yandex.Webmaster (http://webmaster.yandex.com). 

Best regards, 
Yandex Safe Search Team 

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