On 02/20/2014 12:41 PM, Sylvain wrote:
Follow-up Comment #1, sr #3122 (project admin):

Thanks for the report, though feel free to report immediately if a problem
persists for more than a couple hours.

CVS is so old that it's apparently not possible to recompile it properly, it
refuses to quit and stays in the background.

Since your number of concurrent CVS connections is limited, your new
connections were refused.

I allowed more concurrent connections and now kill CVS after an hour. This
should do the trick, but we'll have to consider removing CVS in the near
future :/


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Thanks for you kind and quick support, now it works again.
Sorry if this answer is a bit impolite, but I'm unsure of what's behind the above suggested "Reply to". So I like more going directly to "Sylvain", as it sounds like a "human". What I would like to know is what "... removing CVS in the near future :/" means, days, weeks, months a year? Sorry for abusing of your patience but I would like to do what has to be done to keep RTAI available before that happens.

Paolo Mantegazza

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