I sent them an e-mail.

Ping me in 1 week and if I didn't get an answer from them I'll make
you admin.

- Sylvain

On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 11:57:31PM +0200, Martin Berends wrote:
> The Qemu Launcher project has stagnated since 2007 and is in the
> process of being removed from Debian before the Jessie release.  I
> would like to rescue this project by becoming its maintainer.
> If you still have contact with Linas Žvirblis, the last active
> administrator, please ask Linas to contact me via email.  If you
> have no contact, please make me administrator so that I can take
> over maintenance.  I hope to persuade Debian to continue
> distributing this software.
> Regards, Martin Berends

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