Getting expired certificate with https connections.
Check on shows

SSL Certificate Checker

DNS resolves '' to
SSL certificate

Common Name =

Subject Alternative Names =,,

Issuer = Gandi Standard SSL CA

Serial Number = 5EF73C78435050C3540BD9E090FE7B79

SHA1 Thumbprint = 9469D15BB6B06408E308973B6A9F5F9E5422D1D5

Key Length = 2048 bit

Signature algorithm = SHA1 + RSA (good)

Secure Renegotiation: Supported
This certificate does not use a vulnerable Debian key (this is good)
SSL Certificate has not been revoked
OCSP Staple:         
OCSP Origin:          
CRL Status:            

SSL Certificate is expired.

The certificate was valid from 04/22/2014 through 04/22/2015.
Certificate Name matches
Valid from 22/Apr/2014 to 22/Apr/2015
IssuerGandi Standard SSL CA
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