Follow-up Comment #3, sr #3277 (project admin):

Thanks!  Adding the --numeric-ids option works (though it looks like all files
will be replaced in the process).  Anyway, this allows me to remove a pile of
old, no longer needed release packages and to save a lot of space on the Gna!

I'd forgotten where that old conversation was, and for some reason could not
find it using the search box.  Somehow my synchronisation script had reverted
to using the -avP options.  It is still the group option -g that is
problematic, so the following command which expands -avP but drops -g works
quite well:

$ rsync --delete -rlptoDvP --no-perms --rsh="ssh" --numeric-ids $PWD/

Could recipe #119 <> be
updated to include this info?  The example there uses the -avr options which
will not always work.




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