Follow-up Comment #1, sr #3357 (project admin):

Update: the problem is fixed.
Please do disregard to this issue. Go ahead and close it. Sorry for the

Didn't realize resetting Mailman admin password could be done by these steps:
1. Go to my project main administration page
2. In the "Features" box, click on Configure your Mailman Lists
3. In the mail-list admin page, check the option "Reset List Admin Password:"
and click submit.
4. Wait for the new password to be sent to me by e-mail.

Note: If the above doesn't work, may be for the mail list hasn't yet any
members nor posted and approved messages (the administrator doesn't count as a
member). Try to have at least one subscription and one message posted and
approved and then go ahead with the password reset process. At least to me, it
looked like a fresh password won't be recognized unless the reset request is
made after the mail list has some activity.


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