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I have my Email settings set to forward messages INLINE. Yesterday I received a message that I attempted to forward to another person, and all the graphics and text on that message were stripped when forwarded. Not understanding why (when other messages did not do that), I sent the message again, but this time sent it as an ATTACHMENT. The graphics of the message were in tact that way.

Although it may be of no significance, the original message I received had been forwarded to me as evidenced by the vertical line on the left of the text and graphic. Is there some setting I have failed to set so that forwarded messages I receive go out the way they came in?

    I am using Seamonkey 1.1.13.

You may be set up to recieve attachments inline, but you also need to be set up to send messages in html format. When sending, do you see the Insert and Format menu at the top?

No, they are grayed out. In other words they can be read but are not available to select. How do I set up messages to send in HTML? I thought that was determined in the properties for each address in the address book? Such as how to send, HTML, Plain Text etc.

sort of. You need to set yourself up in html mode: Edit, Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings, select the account you want, then under Composition & Addressing, on the top right, the very first box should be checked.

Another way is the quick toggle. Hold down the shift key when composing, replying, and replying all. When you're composing a message, and if you see the Insert and Format menu, then you're in html mode. If you don't see them, then you're in text mode.

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