njoracle wrote:
Monica wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Monica wrote:
I can´t log into my Hotmail account any longer using SM (1.1.11). I get an error message telling me that my browser isn´t supported. It of course works with IE, but who wants to go there...

Why can´t SM 1.1.11 work with Hotmail?


I get in with no problems. Try emptying your cookies and cache and try again. Did that work?
No. I had already tried that.

I get in with no problem (SM 1.1.13). Why not create a new profile ("Test") and see if that works.
Do you mean a new profile on Hotmail or in SeaMonkey?
I also see that you have SM version 1.1.13, could that be it?
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