I'm on Mac OS but I don't think this problem is limited to that.   My
question is, what is the best way to get a running instance of Mozilla
Composer open an HTML document for editing?

When I use the command line option:
  seamonkey-bin -editor file.htm

I get a dialog telling me "A copy of SeaMonkey is already open.  Only
one copy of SeaMonkey can be open at a time.".

Sadly, the -remote command set does not seem to include an editURL
option.  I'm not even sure that its supported with SeaMonkey on Mac OS
X since I can't even use the openURL Method (I get the same Mozilla
already running error above).

Isn't there a way to get a running instance of SeaMonkey to open an
HTML document w/o having to resort to AppleScripts invoking menu

-- Steve

p.s. Ideally SeaMonkey would just create file associations so that
HTML documents could be opened with composer from open-with menus in
Mac, Linux and Windows.
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