Robert Kaiser wrote:
The Seamonkey development can't address the gaps left by the original
breakup, and the drift to Firefox being totally isolated seems to be
increasing? So are we reaching a point where a radical overhaul of the
roadmap is inevitable?

Which roadmap?

The gap between Firefox and SeaMonkey is becoming a lot smaller with SeaMonkey 2, by the way. Have you tried the recent Alpha?

I hope not ;)
Firefox does not have any of the email stuff that was my whole reason for staying with Seamonkey. I have no problem with the browser!

Still, I can't really answer your questions as what you are talking about looks very unclear to me.

I think the problem is that facilities that I had in Mozilla a number of years ago are simply missing nowadays. I had a perfectly usable calendar system and could hot key address data. THAT is something I'm looking to restore but at present it looks like simply replacing Seamonkey with KDE or other tools is a much more practical option.

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