On 12/15/2008 10:12 AM, Alan Cummings wrote:
> Thanks to NoOp my problem is solved.  Seamonkey 1.1.14  is installed 
> (using NoOps
> great instructions) and my installed themes are working as they should..
> Thanks Again.

Cool! Glad it worked for you. After you are comfortable with 1.1.4
(recommend using it for several days at least) you can go ahead and
modify the SeaMonkey menu item in Applications|Internet:

1. Follow basically the same proceedure that you used on the panel icon.
Only in this case: right-click 'Applications' and click 'Edit Menus'.

2. Go to 'Internet' and right-click the SeaMonkey icon. Select
'Properties' and from there you can modify the same as you did with the
panel icon.

Now clean up some disk space (again be sure to backup/copy your
~/.mozilla folder first):

1. Remove the Ubuntu version via Synaptic - just search 'seamonkey'.
Don't worry, that won't remove your direct install ~/seamonkey, it will
only remove the Ubuntu version.

2. Via Nautilus (Places|Home Folder) drag and drop the
seamonkey-1.1.14.en-US.linux-i686.installer.tar.gz file to your
~/seamonkey folder. I prefer to keep the file there so that I know what
version/file is currently installed. You can then delete the 'download'
folder if you wish, or continue to use it for all your SeaMonkey
downloads (just set that folder as the download directory in
Edit|Prerferences|Navigator|Downloads|Specified download folder -
'Choose Folder). But you can go ahead and delete the sub-folder
'seamonkey-installer' as you: 1) don't need it any longer, and 2) if you
install another, you want to ensure that the old one is no longer there.

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