On 12/13/2008 08:34 PM, Justin Wood (Callek) wrote:

> Of note to everyone here is that Mozilla (SeaMonkey, Firefox etc.) 
> report EVERY security bug once fixed and what it was. Some companies 
> like IE, Apple, and possibly even Google (for chrome -- no data), if a 
> security bug is only ever found and reported internally, they won't make 
> it even known that it _ever_ existed. Where we do and fix it anyway. It 
> is a very open community, therefore the potential for others to 
> accurately gauge what bugs are fixed on our side is high, whereas on 
> Microsoft or Apple's side is relatively low.


Along these lines, this might be of interest to try with SeaMonkey...

[Google Chrome Receives Lowest Password Security Score]
[Password Manager Evaluator v2.0]

If I get some time later I'll try it with SM 1.1.14 and 2.0a3pre to see
what the results are.

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