Robert Kaiser wrote:
Lester Caine wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
The gap between Firefox and SeaMonkey is becoming a lot smaller with
SeaMonkey 2, by the way. Have you tried the recent Alpha?

I hope not ;)
Firefox does not have any of the email stuff that was my whole reason
for staying with Seamonkey. I have no problem with the browser!

What does one have to fo with the other?
Right click on link - open in new tab - where the links are in emails or calendar posts. After a number of years using it one sort of gets used to it, so when it does not work one get frustrated. Firefox has deliberately turned its back on this sort of interoperability and that is/was my main reason for staying with Seamonkey. THAT is a gap that I'd prefer to retain!

I'm still hitting <Ctrl><Shft><C> to 'mark all read' in Linux and then thinking 'shit' and using the mouse :( It's the little changes that cause the most aggravation. The 'new improved' methods of doing things take a long time to become natural - and when even they change before you get used to them .....

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