Lester Caine wrote:
Right click on link - open in new tab - where the links are in emails or
calendar posts. After a number of years using it one sort of gets used
to it, so when it does not work one get frustrated. Firefox has
deliberately turned its back on this sort of interoperability and that
is/was my main reason for staying with Seamonkey. THAT is a gap that I'd
prefer to retain!

That's no gap, that's functionality, and we would be quite dumb to remove that ;-)

We still have no integrated calendar (yet), but we are working on getting everything in place so that the Lightning calendar extension can work in future SeaMonkey versions.

I'm still hitting <Ctrl><Shft><C> to 'mark all read' in Linux and then
thinking 'shit' and using the mouse :(

Hmm, that works here in my Linux SeaMonkey 2 Alpha testing version...
(By the way, we now recently even did get an "Undo Mark All Read" menuitem so one can reverse this if doing it accidentally.)

Robert Kaiser
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