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Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
HenriK wrote:
I just hope Seamonkey v.2.xx doesn't change too radically.
unfortunately, it will! :-(

To Peter: That is what I am afraid of, as I really need to be able to
use what I have fully, without STRESS, which Robert Kaiser refuses to
understand nor do any of the other "developers"?!!!! Why do they keep on
being arrogant, after all the users who have tried to tell them they are
WRONG in what they are doing???????? And, despite there flippancy about
how people can contribute or whatever, they SEEM to  both ignore what is
suggested and NOT bother to say how people CAN contribute or change
something, IN DETAIL! As someone else said on this newsgroup, I am 65
yrs. old, plus a few months,and have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND
HYPERTENSION,  and the so called developers have NO RESPECT for either
the users or someone who is older and trying to cope and learn! I
volunteers, but they put on airs as if they were dictators! I had hoped
that Ed Mullen and you would be able to pound some sense into Kaiser's
head or any of the other so-called developers, but, alas, they REFUSE to
listen! What a bunch of Obamanistas's they have turned out to be!!! Same
attitude, same stupidity, and they have turned me off entirely!!! I
cannot understand why Ed Mullen even gives them any slack, but that is
his business! I reiterate what I said before, I WILL NOT UPGRADE TO THE
ABOMINATION CALLED SM2!!!!! The developers can go jump into Lake
Superior, since they regard themselves as so superior, right NOW and
enjoy themselves! PHOOEY on them and their lousy behaviour and attitude!
It seems that the only persons who really care about what is happening
are people who are NOT developers, which tells a large part of what is
wrong with the whole process of garbage they are putting out and why it
SMELLS so rotten! I do not think I have been so disappointed in
something and someone as I have been in THEM!  If you notice I have NOT
used one expletive in this whole statement, and, yet, I am a retired
Army Sergeant, also! But, the garbage heads will and, if not, they will
certainly be as sarcastic as they have proven to be, in everything they
have put out on the subject! NONE of them has shown the least amount of
courtesy nor have they admitted they could be WRONG in even the least
detail NOR will they even LISTEN and take what the user's say
whatsoever! I am sending this even though I know it is a waste of time,
but at least you might understand, even if Ed Mullen does not seem
to!!!!!!!! Unless you and Ed Mullen and others, who have been with this
newsgroup a whole lot longer and can some how hammer the facts of life
into the alleged "developers" heads what is really needed, I am afraid
that Seamonkey will fail miserably and probably lose what market share
it may have against MSFT, now! People are fed up with this kind of
attitude and it is about time these so-called developers get off their
high horse and learn to walk!!!!!! >:o


As you may have noticed if you read some of my posts, I do share with Peter and others some concerns about the way some features of SM *appear* to be headed and I voiced my opinion, which was not always very welcome.

The same thing happened to me yesterday on the TB newsgroup when I dared suggest, in an answer to an OP, that I regretted the fonctionality of an addon which worked with FF1 and TB1 was no longer available in newer version. This got me some comments which were not very pleasant. Looks like you are not too welcome on such NG if you voice an opinion which is not shared by a "Champion".

Nevertheless, I always *try* to write what I have to say in a reasonable and respectful manner. As you know as a former military, as I am, respect and dignity are the best way to handle difficult issues. I think you may have been carried away in your comments.

Robert's reply to you deserves to be read twice. Even if we are part of a group of users who has some reasons to be concerned, the best way to be heard is to write sensibly and politely, to always allow others can have different opinions and to be aware that we seldom have all the facts they have.

I suggest we keep insisting, within reason, on the features we want to see preserved, or ported to newer versions of SM. I believe this is the best way, the most constructive and even if we disagree with some positions, this is no excuse not to show courtesy and respect to people who work for us, the users.


John Doue
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