I did not see the following in SM1, perhaps it's present in SM2 ...
Very interesting if per exemple a guy send me an interesting info, that i "Forward" to a distribution list. but this distribution list contains his mail adress. The following possibility permit to use the distribution list, and easely remove his mail adress just for this "Forward" action.


I just created a distribution list under SM and i am able to use it.
However, i did not find how to use it if i want to remove temporary just one(or more) recipient(s). I know how to do it with Outlook, see: http://www.cijoint.fr/cjlink.php?file=cj200812/cijyeZ0Etl.jpg (click on the image, then maximize the window to be able to read it correctly)

After selecting the distribution list in a new message, before sending it ....just click on (1) then (2) then remove some recipient(s)
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