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Daniel wrote:
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W. Watson wrote:
Sometimes I get messages from people with embedded images and text.
Sometimes the text is badly formatted, so I like to do some editing.
If I used edit as New Message, the images often show as missing. Is
there some way this can be avoided?
Let me try the Subject again!

One "work-around" would be to right-click on the image name in the
message header and save the image somewhere, then "Edit as New" to fix
the message, then re-attach the image!

Yes, but that can be a lengthy process. Sometimes there are 5-10 images.
Initially, when looking at the message, one can see the attached image
files, but they get lost in the shuffle going to New Message.

I just selected a message (which I knew had attachments) in my Inbox
and selected Message|Edit Massage as New and the attached messages
were still on the "New" message, so, I guess, all I can say is WFM in
SM 2.0a1!!

Try embedded images (inserted).

Wayne, I just downloaded the message you sent with all those images attached (and thanks for costing me money by blowing my daily mail limit all on your own!!).

Clicked on Message|Edit Message as New and sent the message back to you.

As I typed ....WFM....your set-up must be mucked up somehow!!


(using his sister's computer)
(Test driving SM 2.x)
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