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Maybe I've not described my problem well enough.  I have searched the
forums but maybe I missed it but I'm very much hoping to hear from
someone as I don't have a solution.

My ideal HTML editor is in fact Composer.  It is WYSIWIG, does just
what I need to do basic document authoring tasks (bullets, tables
paragraphs) and gives HTML source access for those occasions when you
need more.

But the world is amazingly sorely lacking this type of editor.  Tools
designed for WYSIWIG editors generally generate garbage HTML by trying
to overcontrol the layout with styles.   The couple of tools out there
that are reasonable are hundreds of $$ (hello Adobe!).   But then
there is Composer - an awesome tool for business users to generate
truly cross-platform documents.

Why not provide an way to launch each app in the SeaMonkey Suite
separately??   And specifically be able to load a document via
standard "Open With.." methods in each OS?

As far as I can tell, the current distribution DOES NOT because the
command line options insist that a current instance is open and you
can't open another.  I'm not even sure why the heck the cmd lines does
this.  Since the product never allows you to open multiple profiles at
once, why the heck would it not just load the document in the current

IMO, this behavior is a bug.  I'd like feedback from the community
before logging on.

-- Steve

Well, since you failed to quote anything from previous replies, I'll
take a stab at it.

Use the command line switch -edit, for example:

"<path>/seamonkey.exe" -edit

Create a shortcut just for that switch. SM does not have to be open and
already running, composer will open.

Jay, I think Steve's main problem was that he not only wanted to start the Composer, but that he wanted to have it open with a particular html file already loaded, rather than just opening the composer and then File|Open

(using his sister's computer)
(Test driving SM 2.x)
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