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W. Watson wrote:
Daniel wrote:
W. Watson wrote:
Daniel wrote:
W. Watson wrote:
W. Watson wrote:
Sometimes I get messages from people with embedded images and text.
Sometimes the text is badly formatted, so I like to do some editing.
If I used edit as New Message, the images often show as missing. Is
there some way this can be avoided?
Let me try the Subject again!

One "work-around" would be to right-click on the image name in the
message header and save the image somewhere, then "Edit as New" to fix
the message, then re-attach the image!

Yes, but that can be a lengthy process. Sometimes there are 5-10 images.
Initially, when looking at the message, one can see the attached image
files, but they get lost in the shuffle going to New Message.

I just selected a message (which I knew had attachments) in my Inbox
and selected Message|Edit Massage as New and the attached messages
were still on the "New" message, so, I guess, all I can say is WFM in
SM 2.0a1!!

Try embedded images (inserted).

Wayne, I just downloaded the message you sent with all those images attached (and thanks for costing me money by blowing my daily mail limit all on your own!!).

Clicked on Message|Edit Message as New and sent the message back to you.

As I typed ....WFM....your set-up must be mucked up somehow!!


I haven't received anything from you.

There's something amiss here. I'll look for another one, and try to be more observant about what exactly happens.

Sorry about that cost, but I've never heard of e-mail traffic costing $ to download. My download limit is 10M, and since I was able to download it to my machine, it's not over 10M.

You might consider the free program, Magic Mail. I use it to read from the server. If I see something there that's too big or I don't want, it gets tossed at the server level. sourceforge.net distributes it. If au stands for Australia, I may be through your region of the world next year. Where do you live? I'll take you out for a beer. au = Austria?
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