Daniel wrote:
The current version, I think, is version 1.1.13, although there is a new
version (1.1.14) due out in the next week or so, or, if you wait a
little bit longer you might try installing version 2.0, which is a
re-write of ver 1.x but maintains the same look as Moz Suite.

1.1.14 is a good idea, and IIRC it should run fine, but I fear that 2.0 (Alpha) will not run on Panther, you need at least Tiger (10.4) for that one.

So I suggest you get her to SeaMonkey 1.1.14, which is very much the same as Mozilla 1.7.13 but with a few new features and up-to-date security. SeaMonkey 1.x is the straight continuation of the Mozilla suite code.

SeaMonkey 2 and above will be a transplant of most of the the user-facing parts of that code to the same base that Firefox 3 and Thunderbird 3 are using.

Robert Kaiser
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