Chuck Mryglot wrote:
I'm on 1.1.13 and  running POP email.
Lately I've noticed that it is very slow. It downloads fine, but just going from message to message is about a 4 sec duration...regardless of the size of the mail. I don't remember if this all started with 1.1.13....but probably. Help anyone? Would there be any problem re-installing an older version to see if the issue goes away?

"Lately?" How long have you been using 1.1.13?
If that slowness is a recent experience, chances are very it's a local or regional thing. Might be your phone company, or your email client having problems. I never noticed that with 1.1.13, and I'm using that now. My mail is not acting oddly, and I'm on POP mail as well.

From one highlighted message to the other when I reselect a new message only takes about 3/4 second...

Good luck with that.

keith whaley
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