captjlddavis wrote:
On 12/16/2008 10:38, Melissa wrote:
I use Seamonkey address book for my Christmas list.

It's sorted properly - alphabetically by name - when I just look at the 
address book.

When I go to print it, it prints in some weird order that I don't 

I'd prefer them sorted alphabetically when I print them.
Is there a way to force print order of the cards in an address book?

Please take a look at:

*******Don't forget to HOLD the CTRL KEY  when you drag&drop, so you
don't MOVE the entries.********
Might be a good idea to export amook as LDIF just incase........

Very Old, But I am pretty sure it still Works.

Thank you!  Looks like a simple solution.
I'll try it and rename the new address book as my xmas book after I've printed it to see that it works. 
I already have my xmas card addresses segregated to their own book.
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