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NO wrote:
Hello All,

I have d/l SM 1.1.14 and now find that when sending e-Mails, the message is saved in another account folder other than the one I Am sending it from (e.g. sending from account "a" with the sent message being written and saved to account "c" or "d").

This is something which is very new to me, the error that is. Has anyone else encountered this, if so, how to correct?

I Am using this on my Lenovo T61, Vista Business os.



try this: Edit, Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings, select the account, and under Copies & Folders, make sure that the sent folder is pointing to the correct folder

Peter Thank you...

I checked and they are pointing to the correct folders, for all accounts.

I think it will be a moot point shortly as I need to uninstall SM and place the program on a separate drive.

Thanks again for all you do to assist us around here...

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