On 12/18/08 15:31, Hartmut Figge wrote:
> Mark Hansen:
>>On 12/18/08 14:47, news.mozilla.org wrote:
>>> "D:\Program Files\BROWSERS\SeaMonkey\seamonkey.exe" -profilemanager
>>> "D:\Program Files\BROWSERS\SeaMonkey\seamonkey.exe" -P
>>Are you sure your path toe "seamonkey.exe" is correct?
> That would also be my guess.
>>If so, try using -ProfileManager rather than -profilemanager.
> Mhm, he is using Win and not Linux. Does capitalization there really
> count? ;)

When comparing command line arguments? Sure - unless the application
has made a specific effort to ignore it. It's not like the file name
in a directory.

> Hartmut
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