Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Chuck Mryglot wrote:
I'm on 1.1.13 and  running POP email.
Lately I've noticed that it is very slow. It downloads fine, but just going from message to message is about a 4 sec duration...regardless of the size of the mail. I don't remember if this all started with 1.1.13....but probably. Help anyone? Would there be any problem re-installing an older version to see if the issue goes away?

click on File, Compact Folders.  Did that work?

I compacted the folders and did not see any change in performance.

Thinking out loud...the mail is already downloaded to my laptop...So, mail messages are just being selected for display. Is there any other background process or checking that is going on? My mailbox has 1000 messages in it.
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