Robert Kaiser wrote:
JanWillem wrote:

How do I enable JS in seamonkey-2.0a2/3 Mail/News?

The only thing that still works is the music/video script. All other
scripts that always used to work, even in SeaMonkey 2 pre, don't work
work any longer in seamonkey-2.0a2/3 on my Mac.

Due to security reasons, JS in messages is deactivated for the moment. A hidden option to get it back will be added again, but it was more important to ensure the security of users for the moment.

Robert Kaiser

Thanks, Robert; I hope the option to use JS in Mail/News SM-2.0a2/3 will be put back very soon so users can decide for themselves.

With web sites (and not to forget servers + interest/influence of
governments) trying more and more to take over "the spammer's role", I
wonder why the SM browser has JS and cookies enabled by default: HTLM,
JS, Flash, Ajax and the likes work perfectly well in the browser as is.

Turning JS on/off in Mail/News is done in a jiffy.
Turning JS on/off in browsers, not only SM, is just the beginning of a lot more (not so obvious) to do, to make the browsers more secure.


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