On 12/19/08 10:06, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
> steveinseattle wrote:
>> I was aware of the suggested syntax by Jay of using the -edit command
>> line flag.  Fundamentally, the problem with that approach is that if
>> you have SeaMonkey open (even the browser and not Composer), you get
>> the error:
>>  "A copy of SeaMonkey is already open.  Only one copy of SeaMonkey can
>> be open at a time."
> sorry to say, but it does work, so therefore, the 
> problem is with your setup [computer setup that is]. 
> Its not accepting another window to open.

Have you tested this on Mac?

I know that on Linux, this issue exists (where you have to use the -remote
command line arg, etc.). I was assuming based on the OP's comments, that
the same issue exists for the Mac O/S. I don't use Mac, though, so I can't
say for sure.
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