Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Ray K wrote:
At some websites, TM will show very high CPU usage (about 75% or more) due to SM, even when nothing is being downloaded. The message at the bottom of the screen reads "transferring data from (website)...." That message could last for minutes, with CPU usage remaining high. Odd thing, the Stop button is grayed out, so there's no way to end the hangup. During this time, I can scroll, click on links, switch tasks, and most of the time they operate properly.

Sometimes, however, everything is frozen. CPU usage is 100% due to SM, and TM/Applications shows SM as Not Responding. The mouse pointer changes to an hourglass for every part of the screen except the bottom row (between Start and the clock), so I can't click Stop to "calm down" SM. If I wait a 30 or so more seconds, eventually SM starts running and things become normal.

then end SM from the task manager

I should have added that if I close SM while it's hung (by Ctrl-W), all instances of SM and the mail program will close.

What's the cause of the high CPU usage, the grayed out Stop button, and the freezes?

lots of things about the website. Badly coded, javascripts, java applets, flash, etc. It could also be because of your system.

I'm certainly not ruling that out, but I don't know where to begin exploring that possibility.

I don't remember any of these problems with v1.1.11. Started with v1.1.12.

thats because you don't pay attention
The problems are so annoying that it's not likely that I would not have noticed them in v1.1.11.

Anyone else having these problems?


Along with my scrolling problem (posted a few minutes ago), they are becoming annoying enough to drive me to IE. Since Firefox is also from Mozilla, I don't know if changing to it will be an improvement or merely changing to a new set of problems.

if its happening to SM, then it'll also happen to FF

Do you know why mozilla puts out so many browsers (SM, FF, Netscape)?

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