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Robert Kaiser wrote:
JanWillem wrote:

How do I enable JS in seamonkey-2.0a2/3 Mail/News?

The only thing that still works is the music/video script. All other
scripts that always used to work, even in SeaMonkey 2 pre, don't work
work any longer in seamonkey-2.0a2/3 on my Mac.

Due to security reasons, JS in messages is deactivated for the moment.
A hidden option to get it back will be added again, but it was more
important to ensure the security of users for the moment.

Robert Kaiser

Thanks, Robert; I hope the option to use JS in Mail/News SM-2.0a2/3 will
be put back very soon so users can decide for themselves.

With web sites (and not to forget servers + interest/influence of
governments) trying more and more to take over "the spammer's role", I
wonder why the SM browser has JS and cookies enabled by default: HTLM,
JS, Flash, Ajax and the likes work perfectly well in the browser as is.

Turning JS on/off in Mail/News is done in a jiffy.
Turning JS on/off in browsers, not only SM, is just the beginning of a
lot more (not so obvious) to do, to make the browsers more secure.


Hi Nanny,
The issue will be resolved here:

David Ascher's (Thunderbird) opinion can be found here:

Glad to see that Robert's POV as stated above is more positive towards our 
desired resolution.
Most of the Dev's have absolutely no idea about the "multimedia" community, and 
what they are about.
I have made it my business to try to inform them about it.

Do you remember how long it took to get the marquee tag enabled by default in 
Gecko browsers ?
And an even longer time to get it fully enabled in Mailnews.

Sometimes, it's two steps forward, and one step back.

Have a great Christmas season Nanny, hope to see you soon in a MM friendly 
newsgroup, with a capable Mailnews client.


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