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DoctorBill wrote:
DoctorBill wrote:
I just received an E-Mail (typical forwarded message about Kennedy and Lincoln similarities...)that has large text and Photographs intermingled.

I tried to highlight it all and ctrl-C it and paste it (ctrl-V) into WORD, but the photos didn't carry over.

I tried saving as an eml - nope.

I tried as an html - no pictures transferred, just the words with boxes for the photos which were not there.

How can I save a received E-mail message in toto as a file with photos embedded where they were in the text?

Once I have it saved - how do I then use it - maybe put it into another E-Mail.

Obviously I can use Forward - I don't want to do that - I want to save the thing.


A reply to both Peter and Jens.....

First - yes I can save each photo individually. But the E-Mail contains many and I want a way to save the message in toto w/o having to play editor!

Second - looks like, from Jens reply, that there is not a way to do this w/o complex machinations involved.


I can "select" and copy (ctrl-C) text and photos off of a web site and then paste (ctrl-V) them into WORD and get everything (Text and Pics) - why not out of an E-Mail...?

It would be nice - in the next version of SeaMonkey, to be able to copy an E-Mail entirely - text and pics - to save for use later.

Then be able to 'Paste' it into a composition (add to or subtract from) and send it. HINT....


then, can you not select all the images, right click and Save Images As?

Yes, I could save each individual a file

Then I would (probably) have to try to insert each and every one back inside the copy of the text where each one was supposed to go and hope it didn't get all screwed up...and not be sure what the recipient got.

Long story short - I shouldn't have to mess about like that just to copy an E-Mail with pictures.

Right now, this is just some Lincoln/Kennedy life events coincidences E-Mail that was forwarded over and over again - BUT - someday it might be important that I be able to do want to investigate it.

I suspect from what I am reading here that each person who forwards something is sending God Knows What kind of code or message type and SM has to interpret it.

or is it all pretty much standardized?


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