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I had three address books if I copy them to my profile in SM.1.13 will
SeaMonkey pick them up directly or do I have to edit a file

Click Bookmarks, select Manage Bookmarks and then, in the Bookmark
Manager select File and Open Bookmarks File.

Bookmarks have nothing to do with the Address Book! ;-)



This always confuses me...Do address books contain Bookmarked Addresses
or personal e-mail addresses??....Get caught almost every time!!

Thanks Jens.

A "bookmark" is a URL to a (typically) Web page. Stored in the bookmarks.html file or the SQLite equivalent in SM2.

An email address is, well, an email address. Personal or not. They are stored in the various .mab address book files.

There are multiple ways to save bookmarks and email addresses into those locations. But, they are different and have nothing to do with one another.

In SM there is a "Status Bar" in the bottom lower-left of the SM window. There are various icons there. The last one opens the Address Book.

On the Menu Bar at the top of the browser window is an item called "Bookmarks." Click it and explore. And open Help and enter "bookmarks" in the search pane and read.

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