JoeS wrote:
On 12/19/2008 7:53 PM, DoctorBill wrote:
DoctorBill wrote:
I just received an E-Mail (typical forwarded message about Kennedy and
Lincoln similarities...)that has large text and Photographs intermingled.

I tried to highlight it all and ctrl-C it and paste it (ctrl-V) into
WORD, but the photos didn't carry over.

I tried saving as an eml - nope.

I tried as an html - no pictures transferred, just the words with
boxes for the photos which were not there.

How can I save a received E-mail message in toto as a file with photos
embedded where they were in the text?

Once I have it saved - how do I then use it - maybe put it into
another E-Mail.

Obviously I can use Forward - I don't want to do that - I want to save
the thing.


If you go to FILE | Save as... | File
you get the following choices:

Mail Files
HTML Files
Text Files
All Files

What does "Mail Files" mean as to how it saves the E-Mail ?

Does HTML Files save it as it would a web site ?

If you choose Text Files, does it "drop" the photo files ?

What is "All files" about - just tries whatever it can ?


Those choices have really become meaningless since the move to support eml files came into the picture.
Originally, in N4.x save as a web page was the answer.
That option saved the html in one folder, and the associated images in a sub-folder, just like a web page.
But we have "progressed" from that to a lumped up eml.

Here is what I do. Don't try to save the composition to disc perse.
Create a folder for that purpose and save it in native Mbox format. I use "compositions" Copy the messages that you want to save to that folder, and just "edit as new" when you want to use them. I don't see any difference in saving them to a folder outside your profile, than using my method.

Of course, you should use the usual precations of backing up your profile, as you would any other important
information that you have saved anywhere.

"Create a folder for that purpose and save it in native Mbox format. I
use "compositions"

You lost me....What means "MBox format" ?


Sorry, but my knowledge of this stuff is limited.


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