Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
jim wrote:
Inserting Addresses into message.Frequently ,after several Forwarding addresses have been inserted into message.IE when Nick Name is typed in ,nothing occurs, IE until one clicks on Windows -Address book -closes same, then enters nick name again, Then its ok.!!  I'mUsing XP/PRO. This is Annoying. Jim

It shouldn't do that.  Close SM, then click on the windows start button, then run and enter:

seamonkey.exe -p

this will start the SM profile manager.  Create a test profile.  Does the problem continue in this test profile?

Thanks Peter.It has'nt done it again in several tries.When I subsequently click on Start-run seamonkey.exe gets a Profile box up with 2 profiles in it. One with a Green arrow & one just highlited. I left well alone, as I do'nt like fiddling with profiles!. I'll get Back to you Here in this String  Peter ,when & if it happens again. or would it be better to enter a New post here on the day ? Regards. jim
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