On 12/20/2008 10:38 AM, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:

> thanks for that great info.  I ask because I remember a 
> round with KaiRo that the bookmarks would change over 
> to the same as FF3.
> So, this sounds like excellent news.  I guess I'll be 
> happy with the new changes in SM2 since they don't 
> affect the bookmark files. That was my biggest concern. 
>   All the others are minor. Well, atleast second. 
> Well, change that, I guess since there's no change to 
> the bookmarks, then they move up to the number one 
> position.

With apologies to Smiles/OP:

So, why not give 2.0a3pre a whirl and test? You can run it in parallel
with 1.1.14 without it affecting (infecting) your 1.1.14. I've been
pleasantly surprised with 2.0a3pre and have been using it exclusively
for the past few days (reserving 1.1.14 for backup and comparison
testing). I still have a few primary issues:

1. I get 3 master password logins at startup.
2. Notification of new pop3 emails on the servers isn't working...
currently you need to set for automatic download or check your Get
Msg/Get all New Messages' manually.
3. Some add-on's that I've tested are somewhat buggy with this version -
Sqlite doesn't bring up places.sqlite (my external Sqlite app does
fine), Xsidebar honked on my today & required a reload/install, Mozilla
Prefbar is still learning to clear data... etc.

But overall it's been working pretty well. I very much like the fact
that the default theme follows my standard GTK Gnome (linux) theme for
buttons, windows etc.

Anyway; give it a spin. That is the only way (as I see it) that it will
get tuned and tested for release (having old complainers test :-).

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