On 12/17/2008 7:26 PM, Norman Fuchs wrote:
Since I installed 1.1.14 (I had 1.1.13 previously), all my messages (Mail and Newsgroup messages) have a bold red question mark in the Junk status column. (Well, all but the ones in the Inbox mail folder.) The question marks do not change when I click on them. In the Inbox mail folder, everything works normally.

How can I fix this?  I assume this is not a new feature of version 1.1.14.

I'm appealing for help, again.

A few more details:

1. New mail messages do not have a red question mark, although all newsgroup messages do. If I click on the "junk" box for a mail message, the mark changes to "junk" status, and if I click again, it is "not junk", i.e., the red mark is gone forever for that message. Since I have many hundreds (thousands?) of mail messages, this is not a practical method of removing the unwanted marks.

2. This does not work for newsgroup messages: I cannot change their "junk" status at all.

3. I've uninstalled SM 1.1.14 and then re-installed it, but to no avail. I've also tried deleting some .msf files, then restarting SM so they are regenerated; no effect.

4. I've tried unsubscribing and then subscribing to this newsgroup. The repopulated message list still has the red question marks.

Please, anyone, any suggestions?
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