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On 12/17/2008 06:26 PM, Norman Fuchs wrote:
Since I installed 1.1.14 (I had 1.1.13 previously), all my messages (Mail and Newsgroup messages) have a bold red question mark in the Junk status column. (Well, all but the ones in the Inbox mail folder.) The question marks do not change when I click on them. In the Inbox mail folder, everything works normally.

How can I fix this? I assume this is not a new feature of version 1.1.14.

Try right-clicking on the message group/folder and select "Rebuild
Index". You might also try closing SM and renaming training.dat in your
mozilla folder.

Simple,  turn off the column that shows Junk status

if you do that for the newsgroups accounts, then that also removes them from the mail accounts

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