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Am 22.12.2008 23:18 hat THEgrumpy one geschrieben:

Is it possible to get SM to work on Vista, I have checked XP, SP2 on the
compatibility tab

I am and have been working with SM (1.1.x as well as 2.0a) on Vista without any problem. You don't need to choose a compatibility.

Maybe you should try to simlpy download one of the zipped versions and run the seamonkey.exe. The program itself doesn't need an install.

Thanks, I'll try that, if it doesn't work that means I've got a problem somewhere on this machine

At my friend's pc, running Vista, i just downloaded
Windows (32bit)
Full Installer (13 MB) Download all of the SeaMonkey components and then specify install options.

from http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/

And i did not specify any compatibility ... all was ok - installation done and running ok.

I had no problem with the zip thank goodness but hubby still wants to use FF 2x so will leave that on a little longer, I have to reformat shortly so maybe the installer will work then
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