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1) Will seamonkey run under XP SP1?


That's a relief! :) At least for the interim.

2) I lost a couple of hundred emails contained in a few dozen folders.
You click on the main folder that is supposed to contain those
subfolders, and Mozilla basically gets lost in a "black hole." In
otherwords, CPU useage goes to 100%, then literally nothing happens, and
you have to shut down the program, then get it restarted to get it
working again. This is repeatable.

close Mozilla/SeaMonkey. Look in the Mail section of of the Moz/SM Profile. There, you will see two types of files, for example inbox [without an extension], and inbox.msf. The files without the extension contains your messages. The *.msf files are indexing files. With Moz/SM closed, delete all those *.msf files. Restart Moz/SM. Did this fix everything? After you get the program going, click on File, Compact Folders.

Yeah, I've known about those and tried that solution for a number of problems in the past. Sometimes it helped, and sometimes not. For this particular problem, it hasn't helped. I have tried that solution for this problem twice in the past, and I didn't work either time. :-(

when you delete, you're doing so with the program closed, right?

For mass deletion of 1700+ .msf files, use of the command line is essential...

why? I use windows search function. When its found them all, then I select them all and delete them all.

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