When I go to some websites, like the ones used to contact Congressmen, after I send the message SM asks if it should remember the data. I click on Yes, but the next time I go to the same page, all fields in the form are empty.

I went to Edit/Fill in Form/View Stored Form Data/Other Saved Information/URL-Specific and saw that the first row was data for my Contressman. The entries in URL/Field/and Value column are 1)the URL for my congressman's site, 2)"subject_code" (no quotes), 3)"Post Office", (The quotes are just for clarity in this post; they do not appear in the form.

At each of my Senators' sites, the entry in the Field column is j01 and in the Value column is Other.

Each of those three sites have 10 required fields before I can actually start the content of my message, yet SM doesn't remember any of them.

What's going on?


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