Sqwertz wrote:
All my bookmarks disappeared for some reason.

So as I'm recreating them, I'm trying to put the well-used ones on
the Personal Toolbar.  It acts like it will allow me to drag them
there (shows a drop-able mouse cursor), but when I release the
button, it just beeps.  I'm attempting to move them to the Personal
Toolbar from right from the URL: bar.

All I have on this toolbar is my Bookmarks and Home buttons (set in
Preferences->Navigator->Personal Toolbar).  Otherwise, bookmarks
seem to work fine.  I just can't customize the Personal Toolbar with
my own bookmarks.

The AdBlock Plus Icon will also show there if I tell it to.

I'm using SM 1.1.14/WinXP.  What files control what appears on my
Personal Toolbar?  I ay have had some file corruption of some sort
as I noticed another application was hosed as well.


the file you want is bookmarks.html in the SM profile.

Have you tried changing the "Set as Personal Toolbar Folder" option: from the bookmark manager, click on a new folder, and then View. This will change the option for the personal toolbar to another folder.

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