Thank you. The menu choose will suffice.  Using SeaMonkey for all these
years and I never saw that menu choice.

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On 12/18/08 15:25, Mark Hansen wrote:
On 12/18/08 14:47, wrote:
The following 2 shortcuts are not working with SeaMonkey 1.1.4
Version 1.1.4 is really old. You should upgrade to something newer. I
believe 1.1.14 was just released.

"D:\Program Files\BROWSERS\SeaMonkey\seamonkey.exe" -profilemanager
"D:\Program Files\BROWSERS\SeaMonkey\seamonkey.exe" -P
Are you sure your path toe "seamonkey.exe" is correct?
If so, try using -ProfileManager rather than -profilemanager.

Can anyone help???

We'll see :-)
Hmmm, we'll, I just tried this on mine (1.1.13 on Windows/XP) and it just
brings up the browser. However, from the browser you can go to Tools ->
Switch Profile, and it brings up the profile management dialog.

Strange. Perhaps a bug?

Be aware that switching profile via the menu can have unpredictable consequences in some areas. I forget which, but in a recent case, I remember Peter advising a user to offload Seamonkey and use the profilemanager to avoid some difficulty.


1/ after verifying that SM is not running in the background although it was closed and that you do not quicklaunch enabled. 2 / verifying the path. You stated that d: is the partition where you install programs, fine. But few users actually modifying the Windows "Program Files" directory. I remember trying that route and finally deciding I would leave it there on C and just install my programs on D. I had found that too my programers just assume you are dumb and systematically keep stupid windows default choices.
3/ what happens? Do you get an error message?
4/ did you try starting profile manager by creating a shortcut on the desktop?
5/ which version of Windows do you run?
6/ Have you checked the physical presence of seamonkey.exe where you think it is?
7/ Have you tried disabling your AV just to launch profile manager?
8/ Uninstalling SM and reinstalling?

John Doue
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