On 01/05/2009 07:40 AM, Ray_Net wrote:
> Ray_Net wrote:
>> Thorsten Dorr wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> I have a problem with the email-part of Seamonkey.
>>> Since I have updated my Seamonkey from 1.1.0 to
>>> SeaMonkey 1.1.14 [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; de-AT; 
>>> rv: Gecko/20070111 SeaMonkey/1.1
>>> Mnenhy/]
>>> I always get this pop-up message when I try to connect to my IMAP 
>>> account:
>>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> | Sicherheitsfehler: Domainnamen stimmen nicht ü... |
>>> Sie haben versucht, eine Verbindung mit "imap.xxxx.de" aufzubauen.
>>> Allerdings gehört das "vorgezeigte" Sicherheitszertifikat
>>> "mail44.ispgateway.de". Es ist möglich, aber unwahrscheinlich, dass
>>> jemand versucht, Ihre Kommunikation mit dieser Website abzufangen.
>>> Wenn Sie vermuten, dass das angezeigte Zertifikat nicht
>>> "imap.xxxx.de" gehört, unterbrechen Sie bitte die Verbindung und
>>> benachrichtigen Sie den Administrator der Site.
>>> [ Zertifikat ansehen ] [ OK ] [ Abbrechen ] [ Hilfe ]
>>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> - I know that the server is right and secure
>>> - I have imported the certificates for "smtprelaypool.ispgateway.de" and
>>>   "sslmailpool.ispgateway.de" and set them trustfull for "web" and 
>>> "mail-user"
>>> How can I deactivate this message?
>>> Thank you for your help.
>>> Thorsten
>> I have posted this to mozilla.support.seamonkey.
>> I think mozilla.support.seamonkey more appropriate.
> Nobody can help this guy ?
> Is it or is it not a SM problem ?

Don't feel neglected... SM even rejects the US Army website
(https://www.us.army.mil/ and http://www.us.army.mil/), see:


Here is what I get:
www.us.army.mil uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown.

(Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)

Worse is that in 2.0a3pre and in Fx 3.0.5 you aren't even provided the
option to view the 'not trusted' certificate. At least in older versions
you could view and then elect to connect for the session at your own risk.

Note: http://www.army.mil works fine. The login they are referring to is
when you click the 'AKO' link:
https://www.us.army.mil/suite/login/welcome.html If I open this link in
Opera I can (as I could before on old SM versions) view the certificate
and either choose to allow connections and/or warn before using. Cert
authority is: DOD CLASS 3 CA-7

I should point out that the US Army/DOD forgot to update there cert
according to:
The certificate for "www.us.army.mil" is signed by the unknown
Certificate Authority "DOD CLASS 3 CA-7". It is not possible to verify
that this is a valid certificate

Certificate version: 3
Serial number: 0x2ac00
Not valid before: May 30 12:12:39 2006 GMT
Not valid after: May 30 12:12:39 2009 GMT
Fingerprint(MD5) 7F 4A A3 71 2C 07 06 F3 1A 90 CC 9E 44 73 E4 9B
Fingerprint(SHA-1) 59 93 A0 84 33 4C CF 7D 04 82 DA 11 7C 5A A5 04 D3 14
84 0F

So it's not entirely Mozilla's/Fx/SM fault.

I know that doesn't help with your 'ispgateway.de' (google shows that
having similar issues), but clearly points out ssl cert issues with the
most recent versions of SM and Fx by not being able to at least view the
problem cert as with Opera.

Also see:

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