Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
NO wrote:
Is there a way to install ActiveX in SM 1.1.14? Or Am I relegated to using IE in order to stream films from Netflix?

I have searched the plug ins page on SM help and did not find anything, perhaps I missed it.

Suggestions or recommendations?


active-x is a MS/IE thing only, however, there are a few options you can do.

There is an active-x plugin, that may or may not work. You need to hunt it down. Its by Adam Locke.

Or, you can use IETab. This lets you view things in IE within SM. The last working version is: ie_tab-, and you can get it here:

Last option: find another site.

<grrr> ActiveX

Yeah, try to stream audio from Toronto's using SeaMonkey.

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