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> >> Worse is that in 2.0a3pre and in Fx 3.0.5 you aren't even provided
> >> the option to view the 'not trusted' certificate. At least in
> >> older versions you could view and then elect to connect for the
> >> session at your own risk.
> > 
> > You can.
> > Click "I understand the risks", then click "Add exception".
> I could if I were provided those options... They _are_ available in SM
> 1.1.14 & 1.1.15pre, but not in 2.0a3pre or in Fx 3.0.5 - unless of
> course I've missed some default setting in the latter two.

In a default Fx 3.0.5 setup, there's an "Or you can add an exception..." link
at the bottom of the error message.  Clicking it, then the "Add
Exception" button that appears gets a dialog window for viewing the
certificate and adding the exception either permanently or temporarily.

Hopefully, SeaMonkey 2 will handle it better than Fx 3 does.  Anyone not
already familiar with the UI would think that clicking the
"Add Exception" button would immediately add the exception.  Since that
button appears before the user can even look at the certificate, no one
should be willing to click it.

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