JeffM schrieb:
> Noting the Subject line of the thread,
> it's also interesting to note how Windoze *trains* its users
> to want to IGNORE security warnings
> (so they can more easily get their already-fragile systems infected).

In this special case it is not Windows which *trains* me to
deactivate this "security warning".

It's Seamonkey. Because it tells me everytime when I
connect to my email-account (sending/receiving) the
same thing which I still know and which I have accepted
as "not a security problem" for me.

(I'm really more concerned about the problem that my email-login-pw
 is sent unencrypted because I cannot activate [ ] Save Authentication
 because the emailserver is not accepting this.)

 By the way the complete way how all certificate things
 are provided to the user (email, OpenGPG/Enigmail, otr etc)
 is sooooo complete non-understandable to 99,9% of the user
 that it is in my opinion completely useless because the user
 cannot verify if a warning is important or not.

The user-interface for all this security things would need
a much more user-friendly design.

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