Rinaldi J. Montessi wrote:
GerardJan Vinkesteijn wrote:
Dear Rinaldi,

I am now on Fedora 10, so i lost the info you gave me on Fedora 9

Please send me the URL so I can sort it out my self...

sincerely yours

you can also send it to mozilla.general, i will find it
thanx very much indeed

Could you please refresh my memory?  What did I send you.

Dear Rinaldi,

I have a Fedora.redhat.com system and it was very slow in domain handling, so we decided to get ipV6 to remove, thus we did a lot of /ping/ tests and you helped with how to do that.

I've found that paper what gave the instructions how to do that, but i forgot to file it. Does that ring a bell with you ?

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