John Boyle wrote:
Daniel wrote:
John Boyle wrote:
Andrea wrote:
I recently upgraded Firefox to version 3.0.5, but I want to keep SM
as my
default browser. For some reason, my computer thinks that Firefox is
default--and both browsers are set that way. I don't know why
Firefox is set
that way because I didn't purposely do it, but I want to change it.
NOT checked off in Firefox Tools, Options, System Default.) I tried
SM as default in the control panel settings (Add/Remove Programs, Set
Program Access and Defaults), but once I OK out and then open it up
the setting isn't saved. I tried rebooting, but that didn't help.
I'm using
Windows XP, SP3 with SeaMonkey 1.1.14. Help. This has become a war
dueling Mozilla browsers.


To All: Why did Seamonkey switch the sender and subject column order?
Now, it seems, that all my email and newsgroups have sender first and
then subject! Not that I cannot live with it, but I would like to know
why????? =-O

John, I don't know why it happened but you are aware that you can drag
them to any order you wish, aren't you??

To Daniel: I am now aware that I can drag them into any order I want,
due to another persons email, not as a list subject, but I do not know
how. Please tell me? :-)

the only way for them to have changed is you changed it yourself. SM wouldn't have done it.

Then again, maybe you're infected with the SeaMonkey's Purple Hippos ;-) ;-P :-D

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