I have been using the DownLoader that came with SM 1.1 and it usually works fine.

I was just downloading a 17 MB file on my slower than a snail dial-up when I got "disconnected" at about 11 MB downloaded (an hour or more of downloading!)

When I tried to go back and start downloading again, the SM Downloader now wants to start all over again !

The partially downloaded file is labeled "filename.exe.part" and is ~11 MB in size.

Why won't it pick up where it left off ? I picked the .part file to resume...

Can I somehow force it to "resume" ?

If not, I have another downloader (WinGet 1.9) which is SUPPOSED to resume disconnected downloads and even splits up the connections to speed up downloading.

Question 1.  Can I force SM 1.1's Downloader to resume?

if not....

I put a dll from WinGet into SM 1.1's plugin folder as required, but WinGet doesn't take over as specified;

"WinGet can automatically intercept Netscape's default download dialog. To enable integration with Netscape, copy the file WinNP.dll from the WinGet installation folder to Netscape plug-ins folder and rename it to NPWinGet.dll."

Question 2. How can I make SM 1.1 use WinGet and not it's own downLoader? SM 1.1's plugins are named npname.dll, but is more needed to be done?

Question 3.  Can I set SM 1.1 up to give me a choice in the Tools Toolbar?

Sorry for so many questions all at once.....

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